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I started this tumblr back in fall of 2010 when I first entered college. Now as I move away from the college scene and enter this "real world" people have been telling me so much about, I'm making more adult decisions. For one, I'm starting work at Disneyland in January 2014 and will be completing the Disney College Program. After the program ends in August 2014, I'll start a new journey.

That new journey will either consist of earning my teaching credentials or starting a not-for-profit theatre company (all the while continuing my freelance photography company: See It, Believe It Photography(Click to see website.))





That renegade Bill.  If he’da had a motto, it would be, “It’s your language.  Play with it!”

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Lenka Clayton

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I’m realizing more and more that yes, I probably am a feminist, and yes, it all started when I researched women’s suffrage in 8th grade. I just don’t opine often. I typically hold my thoughts on social issues in unless you directly ask me about them; I’m finding more and more that this is the incorrect use of my valid opinions and extensive writing skills.

Sexism, racism, negativity toward the LGBTQ community… Merely a few items on the list of wrongs humanity has chosen to endure.

Equality. The right to do what we want with whomever we choose. The ability to make our own decisions about what happens to our bodies. Just a few of the things in this world worth fighting for.

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In Memoriam, Veronika Weiss & Katie Cooper: EK Chapter Fund | Memorial/Funeral - 

Please join me and my sisters in helping to raise funds for the families of the Tri Delta women lost to Friday night’s tragic events. Share/donate as much as you can; it’s one small thing we can do to help these families during a troubling time.

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Chicken, salad, garlic bread, and beer. Happy Tuesday.

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20 shows: [9/20] BOY MEETS WORLD: "When you’re not a little boy anymore, when the world has taught you how to be this man… you know, you’re still gonna make mistakes; but your family and your friends that you’ve made along the way are gonna help you. Even though it’ll seem like the world is going out of its way to teach you these hard lessons, you’re gonna realize that it’s the same world that’s given you your family and your friends. And you’re gonna come to believe that the world’s gonna protect you too…’Boy Meets World.’ Now I get it."

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I can’t wait to move in with someone and cook for them and own dogs and watch movies and have a live-in-best-friend who I get to bang

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Hoppy Easter!

Happy, happy Easter, kiddos! It’s about halfway through the program, and I’m at the point where I’m considering what to do when it’s all over. Do I stay on with the company? Do I stay on in the same department? Do I audition for characters? Or, do I part ways and cherish the fun memories I’ve gained while here? Decisions, decisions.

Anyway, it’s the beginning of a week where I’ll end up in San Francisco by the weekend, and a mere week after that I will have my boyfriend down south to see Book of Mormon with me and go visit friends at Disney. (:

I’m excited for what’s to come. I don’t know much about what the future brings, but I’m hoping I can figure it out. Anyway. Have a happy Easter!

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